Outreach Activities

Engaging with the different communities I belong to is one of the most rewarding parts of being a PhD student at Michigan State University. I have had the opportunity to engage with members of the health care industry by helping plan and facilitate a conference that brings people who work in the industry in with researchers to discuss challenges to providing patient care. I got to spend a Saturday with middle school girls designing and testing different packaging prototypes as part of an egg drop competition. Additionally, I have participated in the Graduate Academic Conference organized by the Council of Graduate Students at Michigan State University twice.


Healthcare Packaging Immersion Experience

Helped coordinate the 2016 HcPIE Conference organized by the Hub Lab and Michigan State School of Packaging. The event focuses on bringing different segments and stakeholders in the health care industry together to discuss research, regulation guidance, and emerging trends in health care product packaging and design. 


Girls Math and Science Day 2018

I participated in the Graduate Women in Science event "Girls Math and Science Day" by facilitating an activity. The event's goal is to engage middle school aged girls in STEM fields by providing hands on activities that teach about different fields within STEM. I facilitated an Egg Drop Activity to engage the girls with packaging science. 


Academic Outreach 

I have attended and presented at the 2017 and 2018 Graduate Academic Conference organized by the Council of Graduate Students. Additionally, I have presented my research at the CANR Week 2017 (College of Agriculture and Natural Resources) and engaged with alumni from Michigan State.  I enjoy learning about the different research efforts being conducted at Michigan State while I have been a student.